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These are links to some of our industry affiliates.

All have been selected as to their relevance to the Film & Television and/or Motor Vehicle Transport Industries, and you may be assured of receiving the best  possible service available from them.

You may be surprised to find links here to some of our "competitors", but we prefer to promote a co-operative existence with all companies. We would rather you utilise  the abilities of reliable operators through our recommendation instead of "taking pot luck". [in the unlikely event of our being unable to provide any given service!]

Some other links are to companies involved in areas from "Action & Background Vehicles" to "Vehicle Modifications & Repairs".

Please contact us at our office if you have any questions about any of these links, or if you would like to have your business or service considered for addition to this page .

Action & Background Vehicle Suppliers :

NSW :-

Trucks On Film - Stuart Brady

Cinecars - Frank Campisi   

Jurassic Classic Hire Cars - Tony Corr

VIC :-

Macs Action Vehicles - Debra McNay

Covered Secure Transport Services :

NSW  :-

Alan's Unique Car Carriers - Alan Norton  

VIC :-

Macs Action Vehicles - Calvin Watts

Location Scouting & Location Vehicles :

NSW :-

 Honeywagons - Dean Parkinson   

QLD :-

Heath TV - Heath Williamson

Music-Video  / Video Production :

Aphelion - Phil McCann   

Precision Drivers & Stunt Drivers :

Paul Arnott

Rick Bates

Harry Dakanalis

John Ribeiro

Stills Photography  Agents & Producers :

Ashtrayboy Creative - Urs Buhlmann

Penny Glencross - Jon Higgs   

Fiona Watson - David Knight

Stunts, Safety & Traffic Control :

GRW Productions - Gordon Waddell     

Harry Dakanalis      

Spike Cherrie :  

Who Dares - Les Roberts 

Vehicle Builders, Modifications & Repairs :

Daytona Trailers - Mark Yardy                      

Image FX - Dave Roberts     

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